R & D

Present-day R&D is a core part of the modern business world. Major decisions in firms are made on basis of research and development. Research and development is of great importance in business as the levels of competition, production processes and methods are rapidly changing. It helps business to keep in pace with modern trends by providing innovative and quality products so as to fulfill the customers ever changing requirements in stiff competitive era. Research & Development is our core strength.

At Pitambari R&D, our focus is intended to yield nearly immediate profit or immediate improvements in products, operations and involve little uncertainty as to the return on investment (ROI). This is accomplished through more effective products, processes, services; creating knowledge about scientific technologies, or ideas that will be readily available to the markets and society. We are in constant pursuit of solutions which will lead us to a more balanced world, a more sustainable world.

Innovation at Pitambari needs to in the form of new products, processes, technologies & business to add value to the life of our customers. Innovations are a part of R&D. Innovations happen when an idea is implemented to create an impact. It has three elements- idea, implementation & impact. In profit oriented organizations, the impact is typically measured as either cost saving or increase in revenues – both result in higher profits. At Pitambari we always focus on innovations in form of innovative products, processes, technologies & are successful in developing innovative new products & packages.

Pitambari’s R&D center started from May-2003 & Departments of scientific research, Govt. of India has certified it as a recognized R&D center. The R&D Campus is located at Rabale, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, with a built-up area of about 10,000 square feet in R-612 Industrial Area.

Over 30 no’s of competent technical R&D teams are working in various divisions under the guidance of our MD, Mr. Ravindra Prabhudesai, namely:- Homecare – cleaning products, Healthcare- Ayurvedic products , Agricare- edible oil, Biofuel, essential oil & natural perfume, food, cosmetics & packaging developments. We have modern laboratories with sophisticated instruments, i.e. Gas chromatography, spectrophotometer, HPLC, calorimeter etc. pilot scale facility to actuate the innovative products.

We have about 120 products in market & about 50 no’s of various projects under development stage in our R & D Centre. Our vision is to become number one R & D center in India in next three years period.

Analytical Facilities:

The centralized analytical facility at Pitambari plays a key role in supporting all the research programs through analytical and process development support as well as R & D activities for development of new products and standardization of testing protocols. The Analytical team has extensive expertise in wet chemistry analysis as well as in sophisticated instrumental analysis. The group is also responsible for Internal Quality Control.
The World Class, high end instrumentation facility includes:
• Chromatography: Gas Chromatography
• HPLC - High Pressure Liquid Chromatography
• Spectrophotometer
• Microbiology laboratory
• Karl Fischer Instrument – For Moisture content
• Bulk density measurement Instrument
• IR moisture balance
• Brookfield viscometer
• Bursting strength Machine
• Bond strength Machine
• Flame photometer
• Refractometer
• Fractional distillation unit
• Spray Drying Unit etc.