A Clan (Kul) refers to a family descended from a common ancestor & related to one another by blood or marriage. Every Kul has a Kuldaivat that protects them. ‘Devbhakti Kuldevi Upasana Masala Agarbatti’ is specially crafted with the natural fragrance of Bakul Flower & other natural elements beloved by Devi Tatva.
The natural fragrance of this incense stick attracts subtle vibrations of Devi Tatva to help the Sadhak in Sadhana.
Lighting this incense stick while performing Kuldevi Upasana or chanting Kuldevi Namasmaran (Jap) creates a positive atmosphere & helps to achieve progress in life.
Fragrance of Bakul Flower + Other Natural Elements beloved by Devi Tatva = Devbhakti Kuldevi Upasana Masala Agarbatti.

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