Lord Vitthal, also known as Vithoba, Pandurang & Hari, holds a special place in the hearts of millions of devotees, particularly in the state of Maharashtra. In hindu culture, Vithoba is considered as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It's believed that Shri Krishna, Shri Vishnu and Shri Vithoba are all different names and forms of the same deity. Millions of devotees visit the Vitthal temple at Pandharpur throughout the year to meet Vitthal. Especially during the "Wari," people walk from their villages to Pandharpur to offer prayers and seek blessings from Vitthal.

Tulsi (Basil) is very dear to Lord Vitthal. Therefore, Pitambari has created the ‘Devbhakti Vitthal Upasana Agarbatti’ using the fragrance of Tulsi, Tulsi powder & other elements beloved by Lord Vitthal. This Agarbatti is coated with Black Abir. Lighting this incense stick while performing Vitthal Upasana may provide an opportunity to please Lord Vitthal and seek his blessings.

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