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We are an ISO 9001: 2008 company and an established firm since 1989 and now serve over 5 million customers across India. The company has a PAN India presence, as well as in foreign countries, with the segments like Homecare, Health care, Agro Care & Food Care.
While widening its horizons across the globe, we realized that it is essential to integrate our business with the technology for achieving sustainable growth in future. The company was looking for some solid technical solutions for increasing the efficiency of the organization and that gave birth to our IT Department which has been an integral part in the growth of the company since last 14 years.
With the team of technical experts, all the units of the company now operate using various software and Applications developed by our IT Department. A team of more than 613 Sales Executives is using the Sales Force Automation and Tracking since last 5 years. With the help of this Mobile Application, the entire sales department has now become paperless and all the operations are occurring in real time.
While developing various IT solutions for our company, we recognized the need of technology. After analyzing the benefits of IT, we contemplated on offering the customized solutions to every industry which will help them to achieve their goals and eliminate the rigorous paperwork. This lead to a formation of our Digital Care Division.
With the vision of helping all proprietors, shop owners, SMEs and make automation a key part in their Success Stories, Pitambari Digital Care has been working since last 5 years and providing IT solutions in FMCG Industry.
The Digital Care division is now the backbone of our Company and plays a vital role in company's growth and contributing its small share in making our country truly digital. We specialize in CRM Solutions Business Intelligence, Customized Application on Development, and Business Solutions our customer footprint spans across various verticals like Retail, Supply Chain and Automation.
Our solutions help organizations to have a better control over their Marketing activities, Customer Relationship Management, Sales Tracking, and Better Predictability & Business forecasting.