Pitambari Dantprabha is a natural dental powder which consists of herbs that are traditionally believed to be useful for keeping optimum health of teeth and gums.

• Pitambari Dantprabha contains herbs like Bakul, Babbool and Khadir which are useful for whitening of teeth, to remove the infection and to improve the quality of teeth respectively.
• It contains Triphala, Neem and Arjun which are beneficial for people suffering from frequent inflammation of teeth and gums.
• Kahtika and Phitkari help to prevent bad breath from the mouth and also provides essential minerals.
• Menthol and Clove oil gives freshness in the mouth for a longer period of time and helps in healthy teeth functioning.
Direction of use: Pitambari Dantprabha tooth powder to be used twice a day for better results.

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