SureKlin Hand Sanitizer is an Ayurvedic hand cleanser which has natural ingredients like Korphad / Ghrutkumari i.e. Aloe Vera and Lemongrass oil. These medicines are useful for prevention against germs, bacteria and viruses that cause diseases and keep skin moistened
• SureKlin hand cleanser cleans up to 99.9 % of germs.
• Korphad / Ghrut Kumari keep skin smooth and soft.
• Lemon grass oil is useful to avoid common illnesses and it has proven antibacterial property.
• Useful for instant hand cleaning purpose.
• Natural Hand cleanser.
• No adverse effect
• Removes germs more faster than other antibacterial soap
• No stickiness or residue remains on skin
• Require less time than hand washing
• Do not require water for washing
• Easily evaporates
• Less irritating than soap
• Convenient, Portable & Easy to use

Direction of use

Apply on your palm and spread and rub over back of hands until it becomes dry. No water required.

When to use

Before & after –
• Eating food
• Changing baby Diaper
• Caring for an ill person
• Contact with pets
• Contact with ATM machines
• During travel
• Before touching infants
• After using the toilets/ public washrooms.
• After contact with surfaces in public places


• Product is flammable. Keep it away from fire & heat
• For External use only
• Not for facial use
• Avoid Eye contact
• In case of contact with eyes, flush with water
• If swallowed, consult a doctor immediately
• Keep out of reach of children. Supervise children when they use the product

Contact Details :

Toll free No: 1800 103 1299