Combo Kit : PSP 1 kg, Deepshakti Oil 150 ml, Rooperi 50 ml, Pancharti Dhoop Stick (Sandal &Loban)25 gm, 7 in 1 Atri & Bharadwaj Agbt

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This kit contains Pitambari shining powder 1Kg useful for 6 metals like copper, brass, aluminium, silver, iron and steel.

Rooperi silver shine which can be used on silver utensils and ornaments,  It gives shine without loss and damage to silver metal.

Deepshakti oil is a lamp oil prepared from sesame oil and having a lavender fragrance. It is Non-edible oil, which gives light, bright enough, long lasting and rise up the wick.

Pancharti Dhoop sticks Loban Dhoop is rich in natural fragrance combination of Loban and the balsamic fragrance of sambrani.  It prevents negative energy and creates an environment of purity. Used in spiritual ceremonies and used in medical applications as well. Provides quick relief from depression, ignoring its harmful side effects. Sandal Fragrance that is available in the natural fragrance of Sandalwood oil. It has a sweet-woody, warm, balsamic aroma.
Good choice to try in cases of stress, depression or low self-esteem.

Devbhakti Saptarshi Atri 7in1 Agarbatti:
This Saptarshi Series Atri 7in1 pack has pleasant fragrances like Parijat, Lily, Sandal, Champa, Mogra, Rose, and Lavender.
Lavender: Lavender Agarbatti that is available in natural fragrance of Lavender flower. It has a sweet, balsamic, floral aroma. It offers relief from physical and emotional problems.
Sandal: Imparts relaxing, cooling, sensual effect to improve the state of mind.
Champa: Fragrance is long lasting & Experience Peace of mind & Spirituality.
Mogra: Gives calming, revitalizing & soothing effect which helps restoring optimism and energy.
Rose: Rose has a pleasant natural fragrance that helps you while meditating, keeping you relaxed and helps achieve rest & calmer state of mind.
Parijat: Refreshing aroma reduces the anxiety and depression of an individual.
Lily:Create a feeling of modesty, happiness and a sense of security.

Devbhakti Saptarshi Bharadwaj 7 in 1 Agarbatti
This Saptarshi Series Bharadwaj 7in1 pack has pleasant fragrances like Kewda, Violet, White Champa, Panadi (Patchouli), Ananta, Krishnakamal, Chameli.
Kevda: Promotes tranquility and relaxes your mind.
Violet: Promotes relaxing, soothing and inspiring properties.
White champa: It is highly considered for centuries for its healing powers & use as scent’s for rejuvenating qualities for the mind and body.
Panadi: The exotic fragrance helps in reducing anxiety, stress and depression. It has balancing effect on the emotions and is often used in relaxation and for meditation.
Anant: Lower the anxiety & maintain the peace.
Krishnkamal: It Calms the mind & relaxes the brain.
Chameli:Stimulate mind to boost the energy and uplift your mood.

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