Agarbatti 22 gm Pack of 10 & get 25% off (Lavender, Lily, Mogra, Rose, Champa, Sandal, Parijat, Violet, Kewda, Tuberose)

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Sandal: – Imparts relaxing, cooling, sensual effect to improve the state of mind.

Champa :- Fragrance is long lasting & Experience Peace of mind & Spirituality.

Mogra – Gives calming, revitalizing & soothing effect which helps restoring optimism and energy.

Rose:  Rose has a pleasant natural fragrance that helps you while meditating, keeping you relaxed and helps achieve rest & calmer state of mind.

Parijat– Refreshing aroma reduces the anxiety and depression of an individual.

Lavender–   Offers relief from physical and emotional problems.

Lily– Create a feeling of modesty, happiness and a sense of security.

Violet–  both flower and color inspired by mythology, Victorian floriography—the language of flowers—assigns to the violet a meaning of retiring modesty. The white violet, in the Victorian mind, means candor; innocence, too

Tuberose- Tuberose Agarbatti is available in natural fragrance of Tuberose flower.Strengthen the mental state of mind

Kewda – It is available in natural fragrance of Kewada flower. It provides supportive and Grounding effect


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