Agarbatti 22gm Pack of 10 & get 25% off (Lavender, Lily, Mogra, Rose, Champa, Sandal, Parijat, Violet, Kewda, Tuberose)


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Sandal: – Imparts relaxing, cooling, sensual effect to improve the state of mind.

Champa :- Fragrance is long lasting & Experience Peace of mind & Spirituality.

Mogra – Gives calming, revitalizing & soothing effect which helps restoring optimism and energy.

Rose:  Rose has a pleasant natural fragrance that helps you while meditating, keeping you relaxed and helps achieve rest & calmer state of mind.

Parijat– Refreshing aroma reduces the anxiety and depression of an individual.

Lavender–   Offers relief from physical and emotional problems.

Lily– Create a feeling of modesty, happiness and a sense of security.

Violet–  both flower and color inspired by mythology, Victorian floriography—the language of flowers—assigns to the violet a meaning of retiring modesty. The white violet, in the Victorian mind, means candor; innocence, too

Tuberose- Tuberose Agarbatti is available in natural fragrance of Tuberose flower.Strengthen the mental state of mind

Kewda – It is available in natural fragrance of Kewada flower. It provides supportive and Grounding effect


This pack of 10 agarbatti includes fragrances of Lavender 22g, Lily 22g, Mogra 22g, Rose 22g, Champa 22g, Sandal 22g, Parijat 22g, Violet 22g, Kewda 22g, Tuberose 22g.

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