Ayurveda Tips

Vasant Rutu:

The start of March coincides with rutusandhikala between shishir and vasant rutu. With start of Indian new year that is Gudipadwa Vasant rutu’s onset is marked.

This season is commonly known as spring season. In this season, breeze flows from south to north direction. Sun is not having intense heat. Hence sun appears reddish in color. New leaves originate from trees. Old bark of trees gets replaced by new one. Environment is clear and non dusty. Flowers blossoms on trees and there is fragrance in environment. In this Ritu, shlesham (mucous) which had got accumulated in winter season melts off due initiation of increase in temperature, which reduces digestive fire (Agni) and which might lead to various diseases. According to modern day calendar it falls in the season of March and April.

.Diet in Vasant Ritu :

  • Daily consumption of honey is recommended .
  • Yav (Hordeum vulgare), godhum (Triticum vulgare) should be eaten all these should be old. New grains might lead to aggravation of kapha dosha.
  • Non vegetarian people should prefer easy to digest  flesh and avoid heavy meat.
  • Asavs, and arishtas should be consumed.
  • Shunti (zingiber officinale), nagarmotha (Cyperus rotundus) should be boiled in water and then should be consumed with honey.
  • All cold stuff should be avoided.
  • Oily, fried and sweet food should be avoided.
  • Stuff that contains madhur and amla  rasa should be avoided.

Lifestyle in Vasant Ritu:

  • Regular exercise is recommended.
  • Day time sleep should be avoided.
  • Abhyangam (oil massage ) should be taken regularly and after doing Abhyangam one should use some natural fragrances like Karpura, Chandan, or kumkum whle bathing.
  • Avoid direct exposure to air blow
  • Chandan (santanam album) and aguru (aquilaria agallocha) should be applied on the body.


Hindu calendar Seasons



Rutu lakshan



Chaitra + Vaishakh




Jyeshtha + Ashadh




Shravan+ Bhadrapad

Rainy season



Ashwin + Kartik




Margashirsh + Paush




Magh + Falgun

Dry winter


Panchakarma in Vasant Ritu

  • As heat of Sun increases shleshma accumulated in Shishir ritu melts and leads to aggrevation of kapha dosha that’s why best recommended panchakarma treatment to eliminate aggravated kapha is VAMANA.
  • VAMANA : is medicinally  induced  controlled emesis.

Vamana is very helpful in

  • Skin diseases
  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Diseases of ear, nose, throat.
  • Respiratory tract diseases.
  • Itching, rashes
  • Diabetes
  • Psoriasis
  • Migraine
  • Cough cold recent fever.
  • Hyperacidity.

Other treatments recommended in Vasant ritu.

  • Udwartan : it is powder massage reduces kapha dosha and highly effective treatment for inch wise weight loss.
  • Dhumpaan : it is medicated smoking done for cough cold, sore throat, sinusitis.
  • Kawal: gargles with medicated decoction done for mouth ulcers and other diseases related to throat and oral hygiene.
  • Anjana: helps to prevent as well as cure eye diseases.