Combokit : VBMO 200 ml, Kanthavati 12 Pills (2 Pcs), Pancharas 100 gm, Janamghuti 100 ml

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This kit contains VBMO 200ml, Kanthavati 15 Pills (2 Pcs), Pancharas 100gm, Janamghuti 100ml

Vasundhara Baby massage oil: Sesame oil based so rich in vit E and excellent anti oxidants
• Contains almond oil, walnut oil, Arjun saal, Musta and pimpal lakh nourish bones, ligaments, muscles and make them strong.
• Useful in skin disorders like allergens, fungal infections and nappy rashes
• Complete oil for baby’s soft skin, healthy glow and strong bones.
• Free from paraben , mineral oil and lanolin oil
• No side effects

Kanthavati pills:-  100% herbal 
• Useful in a Sore throat, Hoarseness of voice, dry Cough and cold, recurrent throat infection.
• Yastimadhu Ghan, Khadir, Peppermint Oil, Karpoor, Ela, Lavang, Kankol, Javitri,Madhu are key ingredients
• Reduce throat infection, reduces a sore throat, dry cough.
• Yeshtimadhu and Khadir improve the quality of voice.
• No side effect

Pancharas pouch: – Natural/ Herbal Mouth Freshener without supari. Free from betel nut
• 100% use of high-quality herbal ingredients.
• Keeps the user free from lethargy & makes feel lighter & energetic all the time.
• Refreshes the breath.
• It aids to digestion by stimulating the 5 digestive juices and relieves constipation while improves appetite.
• Pancharas stimulates secretion of Mukha Ras (Salivary secretion), Swadu Ras(Pancreatic juices), Pitta Ras (Billiary juices), Jathar Ras ( Gastric juices) & Aantra Ras ( Intestinal juices) and hence it is known as Pancharas which helps for digestion.

Sumangal Ghuti:- Ancient ayurvedic formulation contains blend of unique herbs
• All in one remedy for pediatric age group ( infants to two years )
• Improve digestion, protect from recurrent infection, improve weight gain, improve immunity, reduce irritation & induce sound sleep.
• Useful to pacify the symptoms during teething.
• 21 herbs mixture
• No side effects
Dose: From 1 to 3 months 2.5 ml two times a day with water.
Dose:From 3 to 2 years 5 ml two times a day with water.


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