Pitambari Pooja Kit – Pitambari shining 200g, Rooperi Silver Shine 50ml, Deepshakti lamp oil 200ml & Devbhakti Saptarshi Bharadwaj 7in 1 Agarbatti

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Make your festive season more divine with  Pitambari Pooja Kit. It  includes Shining powder, Rooperi Silver shine, Deepshakti oil 200ml, 7 in1  agarbatti  in one combo kit.

Pitambari Shining Powder :– Gives effective shine on Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Iron, Silver & Steel.  Its increased cleaning & foaming power which removes oxide layer easily from metal surface & gives shine & gloss to metal surfaces.It has a special cleaning agent in it that removes oiliness & the other stains easily. Also it is gentle on hands. Its diamond edge cutting property gives fast cleaning effect.

Rooperi Silver Shine :– Pitambari’s innovative product which is specially formulated “ Rooperi Silver shine” is the safest option for polishing silver at home. Especially if you are dealing with an antique piece that has intricate design embossed or etched into it.

Deepshakti Oil :- Pitambari’s Deepshakti oil developed with the goodness of sesame oil for lighting lamps & Diyas comprises of lavender fragrance that gives out the calming effect & spreads the essence of spirituality & purity in the surrounding.Deepshakti helps in the consistent burning of the wick & rules out the soot & smoke that erupts from regular oil lamps. Thus, it enables you to keep your place of devotion clean, pleasant & soothing.

Devbhakti Saptarshi Bharadwaj 7 in 1:-

  • This Saptarshi Series Bharadwaj 7in1 pack has pleasant fragrances like Kewda, Violet, White Champa, Panadi ( Patchouli), Ananta, Krishnakamal, ChameliKevda : Promotes tranquility and  relaxes your mind.Violet : Promotes relaxing,  soothing and inspiring properties.White champa : It is highly considered for centuries for its healing powers & use as scent’s for rejuvenating qualities for the mind and body.Panadi : The exotic fragrance helps in reducing anxiety, stress and depression. t has balancing effect on the emotions and is often used in  relaxation and for meditation.Anant: Lower the anxiety & maintain the peace.Krishnkamal: It Calms the mind & Relaxes the brain.Chameli : Stimulate mind to boost the  energy and uplift your mood.