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Rooperi Silver Shine:  Silver is a versatile metal & its soft luster adds a touch of elegance to jewelry, pooja utensils or other silver materials. Unfortunately silver is also a pretty fragile compared to many more commonly used metals & it can quickly develop tarnish stains or scratches. To prevent damage of those silver ornaments or other materials, we often give them to specific shops for cleansing purpose or use any other house hold method to clean them. Tarnish is a thin layer of corrosion that naturally develops on the outermost layer of silver & other metals. When you see the dark tinge of tarnish on your silver, hand washing may not be sufficient to remove it.
Pitambari’s innovative product which is specially formulated “ Rooperi Silver shine” is the safest option for polishing silver at home. Especially if you are dealing with an antique piece that has intricate design embossed or etched into it.
• Now add shine to your silverware at home
• Cleanses and shines silver without damage and loss in weight
• Free from any ingredients obtained from animal body
• Absolutely easy to use
• Keep away from reach of children
• Available in 50ml and 100ml bottle
How to use
• Take few drops of Rooperi on cotton or piece of cloth
• Wipe it gently on silver article (Peculiar smell indicates that the article is being cleaned properly)
• Wash the article with soap water and wipe it dry
• Have the silver article shined


Free Offer Product :- Devbhakti Rohini Agarbatti 4 in 1

This Nakshatra Series of Rohini 4in1 pack has pleasant fragrances like Lavender, Parijat, Lily and sandal.
Patchouli: – Patchouli agarbatti fragrance works great for people suffering from depression. Patchouli aroma has impact on the hormones & various chemical reactions in the body and mind. Feelings of anxiety, anger & sadness simply disappear.

Anant Agarbatti: – Anant flower aroma has historically been used to relax, reduce anxiety & calm.  It provides calming & soothing properties & still used to alleviate depression, anxiety & irritability.

Tuberose Agarbatti: – Devbhakti tuberose agarbatti strengthen the mental state of mind & it’s been used for meditation.  This oil can be attributed to its properties as an aphrodisiac, deodorant, relaxing sedative & warming substance.  The components of this oil have relaxing effects on brain & nerves.

Chameli: – Devbhakti Chameli Agarbatti acts strongly on mental & emotional levels, having powerful uplifting effects on the mood.  It promotes beta rhythm in the brain, those associated with mental alertness. Its aroma has one of the most effective anti-depressant properties.