Devbhakti Ashwini Agarbatti 4 in 1 Champa, Mogra, Kewda, Rose

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This Nakshatra Series in Ashwini 4in1 pack has pleasant fragrances like Champa, Mogra, Kewda, Rose

Champa: – Devbhakti Champa Agarbatti having natural extract of champa flowers helps in giving good calming and soothing effects on the mind and soul which helps in keeping the mind stable and The stress and anxiety can be reduced up to a much greater level by using this Champa incence sticks.

Mogra: – Devbhakti Mogra Agarbatti provides several benefits including uplifting the mood.  The scent of mogra is said to be useful in treating depression in particular posts partum depression & emotional depression.

Kewda: – Devbhakti Kewda Agarbatti has a natural fragrance of Kewda flower that provides supportive & grounding effect.  It is used in various ceremonies & ritual purification.

Rose: – Devbhakti Rose Agarbatti is a pleasing fragrance and non-toxic nature. Used to offer prayers to Gods and as a room freshener, these products are highly valued by our clients.