Pitambari Ayurvedic Health Clinic is a part of the Healthcare Division of Pitambari products private limited. With a vision of providing physical, mental & spiritual health to all we intend to practice the concepts of Ayurveda in day to day life. We boast a team of extremely talented workforce of healthcare professionals who intend to implement the knowledge of Ayurveda to make you healthy and happy again.
Health through Ayurveda
Ayurveda literally means ‘The science of life’. It is an ancient Indian science which teaches us how to lead a healthy and happy life so as to achieve the basic goal of human life which is Dharma, Artha, Kaam & Moksha. It is not limited to physical health of human beings, but also aims at the psychological, emotional & spiritual wellbeing of an individual. The knowledge we get from Ayurveda is so extensive that it is said to be descended from Lord Brahma himself.
• Swastha definition-
Ayurveda not only aims for physical, but also emotional and spiritual wellbeing for everyone. Hence the definition of ‘Swastha’ or healthy human being according to Ayurveda is as follows:

When a person has 3 doshas (Vaat, Pitta & Kapha), 13 Agnis, 7 Dhatus (Rasa, Rakta, Mansa, Meda, Asthi, Majja & Shukra) and 3 Malas (Mutra, Purish & Sweda) all in balance and equilibrium. Also his aatma, 10 indriyas (sensory and motor functions) and Mana (Mind) are in a state of wellbeing. Such a person is known to be Swastha or healthy.
• How we achieve wellness through Ayurveda-
According to Ayurvedic principles the anatomy and physiology of an individual is governed by 3 energies which are – Vaat, Pitta & Kapha. The balance of these energies maintain good health in an individual. With assistant NYGoodHealth. Whereas any disturbance in their balance creates diseases & illness. Excessive Vaat in body lead to diseases like joint pain, weight loss, early ageing, etc. Excessive Pitta leads to diseases like hyperacidity, skin eruptions, ulcers, hair loss & grey hair, etc. Excessive Kapha leads to conditions like obesity, hyperlipidemia, respiratory diseases, etc.
While treating patients according to Ayurveda, we look to restore the balance of the 3 energies of the body. This leads to elimination of diseases & creates a feeling of wellness in an individual.
Our Aim:
• At Pitambari Ayurvedic Health Clinic we aim to provide high quality healthcare solutions at affordable costs. “Health for all” is the motto we carry in our hearts and follow it with complete dedication.
Address: Pitambari Ayurvedic Health Clinic Ground floor, Hemendra CHS, Gokhale Rd, Naupada. Thane (W)
Email: clinic@pitambari.com
Phone: +91-22-67035522/ 5664

Pitambari Ayurvedic Health Clinic offers health solutions for:
1. Joint Pain
2. Obesity
3. Skin Diseases
4. Digestive disorders
5. Respiratory problems
6. Kidney Disorders
7. Heart Diseases
8. Gynaecological problems
9. Paediatric diseases
10. Hair & Cosmetic problems
Our Specialities:
1. High quality Ayurvedic medicines at affordable rates
2. Guidance on Yoga
3. Diet consultation
4. Free consultation by our expert doctor
Health Camps
We also conduct free health check up camps from time to time to ensure timely awareness about one’s wellbeing.

1.Why Ayurveda treatments take long time?
Ayurvedic treatment is not focussed on treating and suppressing symptoms only. It is focussed on eliminating the root cause of a disease so that the disease can be cured completely, because according to Ayurveda, any disease cannot be cured until its root cause is not eliminated. For the same complete detoxification of body is intended which may take time according to the chronic nature of the problem. But for some ailments even ayurvedic medicines show instant results.
2.Is diet restriction compulsory for Ayurvedic treatment?
Our body is the reflection of what we eat. Ayurveda believes that the key to good health is in having a balanced metabolism, and for that diet regulation is necessary. Just like you cannot eat ice cream if you have cough & cold, every disease has its own dietary restriction.
3.Is it true that Ayurvedic medicines do not have side effects?
It is true. Ayurvedic medicines are prescribed after considering body constitution and many other factors. The doses are also calculated accordingly. So there is hardly any chance of side effects.
4.Is there any age limit for taking ayurvedic medicines?
No. Ayurvedic medicines can be given to new born babies as well as old aged people.
5.Is it true that ayurvedic medicines don’t have expiry dates?
No. Ayurvedic medicines have expiry dates. Only bhasma and asav-arishta medicines don’t have expiry dates. These medicines are the older the better.