Ayurveda is foremost known science of medicine. Literally means science of life. It teaches us the way life should be lived. It is 5000 yr old time tested science which has potential not only to cure various chronic and acute diseases but also teaches how to prevent them. Ayurveda heals a person not only physically but mentally and spiritually also.

    Seasons & Doshas!
    The Tridosha Theory in Ayurveda classifies all living beings into three main categories. The diagnosis & treatment of any ailment is based on this theory. All Plants are medicinal.
    Vatta Dosha accumulates during the day or dehydrating heat of the summer. It becomes aggravated during the rainy season which causes weakened digestion, acidic atmospheric conditions & gas produced from the earth.
    Pitta Dosha accumulates during the rainy season due to the acidic conditions of the atmosphere & a weakened digestion. It is aggravated during autumn when the heat returns. This occurs after the cooling spell of the rainy season.
    Kapha Dosha accumulates during the cold season due to the cold and damp caused by the winds, clouds and rain. It gets aggravated during the spring when the warm weather liquefies the accumulating kapha.

    What is Panchkarma?
    Panchkarma therapy is a unique healing and detoxifying method of Ayurveda science. This therapy with help health canada pharmacy eradicates the disease from its root cause and makes the person healthy. Panchkarma (five actions) is a cleansing and rejuvenating program for the body, mind & consciousness. It is known for its beneficial effects on overall health, wellness & self- healing. It’s a part of Ayurveda treatments.
    Literally translated from Sanskrit as “five actions”. Panchkarma is a deep cleansing and rejuvenation program for enhancing longevity & vitality. In Ayurveda, Panchkarma therapy is considered a complete, holistic approach to the elimination of root cause of each & every chronic health problem.
    The value of Panchkarma is that offers systematic treatment for dislodging & flushing toxins from every cell, using the same organs of elimination that the body naturally employs – sweat glands, blood vessels, the urinary tract & the intestines.
    Specialized Panchkarma Treatment includes – Vamana, Virechana, Basti, Nasya, Raktamoshana.

    Pitambari has started AYURTEJ panchakarma center with vision to practice ayurveda in complete traditional and authentic way, to give maximum benefits to patients at affordable rate.
    Ayurtej is equipped with all facilities, like expert doctors, trained and experienced therapist, quality medicines, spacious treatment rooms.
    At AYURTEJ our number one priority is to give maximum health benefits to patients in most pleasing and caring environment their satisfaction is our utmost aim. Ayurvedic Physician at Pitambari’s Ayurtej Panchkarma Clinic do Panchkarma after proper Ayurvedic examination of Patients. Choice of Panchkarma therapy and Medication are depends on Patients age, gender, diseases and it changes according to atmosphere changes. Still so many aspects of Panchkarma is not given here, this is just overview of therapies. For more details you can contact us on 022-65005400/ 25842183.

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Panchkarma :
1. Vaman: Therapeutically induced emesis very effective treatment for kapha disorders like cough, asthma, psoriasis, etc.
2. Virechan: Medically induced purgation done to pacify pitta disorders like hyperacidity, various skin diseases, allergies, etc.
3. Basti - Enema done with decoctions or medicated oils. Best treatment for body pain, joint pain, vata disorders and cleaning the bowels.
4. Nasya - One of the panchakarma procedure involves nasal administration of medicated oil. Increases immunity good for all sense organs, pimples.
5. Rakta Mokshanam: Taking out impure blood, basically done in various skin diseases and pitta disorders. Usually done with the help of leach or scalp vein set.

Other Panchkarma Treatments
Abhyangam: General body massage done with medicated herbal oil. It is very nourishing, revitalizing and stress relieving.
Patra Pottali Sweda (Elakizhi) : Herbal leaves pottali massage. Improves skin tone, detoxifying, promotes perspiration and superbly relaxing.
Choorna Pottali Sweda ( Podikizhi): Body massage with various herbal powders made into bundle. Tones the body and instant pain reliever.
Shirodhara : It means continuous dripping of medicated oil on forehead. Removes stress, headache and tension, sleep disturbances and improves memory.
Takra dhara : It means continuous dripping of medicated butter milk on forehead. Very good in premature graying of hairs, dandruff, hairfall and skin disorders.
Tail Dhara (Pizhichil) : Whole body is smeared with medicated oil, Rejuvenating and detoxifying. Reduces fatigue, dryness and good in neurological disorders and Hemiplegic.
Shiroabhyangam (Head Massage): Relaxing. Good for hair care and stress relieving.
Shali Shashtik Pidnda Sweda (Navarakizhi): Body massage with poultice filled with cooked Navara rice revitalizes skin. Used for pain relief and neurological disorders.
Udwarthanam (Powder Massage) : Powder massage done in upward direction, good for weight reduction and toning the body.
Shirolepam (Talapodichil – Head pack) : Massage with herbal oil followed by application of herbal paste on head. Good in hairfall, graying of hairs, insomnia, low BP.
Shiro basti : A leather cap is fitted on head and lukewarm medicated oil is poured into it. Good in migraine, facial paralysis and for sense organs.
Netradhara : Eyes are washed with continuous dripping of decoction on eyes, removes stress and strain on eyes and gives lusture to eyes.
Netra tarpanam : Rings of paste are made around eyes and clarified butter is allowed to stagnate in it. Strengthens the eye sight and soothes eye.

Local Basti Treatments:
1. Kati Basti - Ring of paste is made on back in lumbar region and warm medicated oil is made to stagnate in that. Very effective treatment in curing lumbar Spondylosis, spondylitis and lower back pain.
2. Manya Basti - Ring of paste is made on back of the neck (Greeva) and warm medicated oil is made to stagnate in that. Very effective treatment in cervical
3. Janu Basti – Ring of paste is made on knee joint and warm medicated oil is made to stagnate in that. Very effective treatment in osteoarthritis and knee joints.
4. Hruday Basti - Ring of paste is made on heart. Very effective treatment in Cardiac diseases, gives strength to heart.

Importance of Agnikarma : Agnikarma does not allow the diseases to reoccur, once they are treated by it. Agnikarma is superior to kshara by means of its action. Agnikarma is always utilized as the ultimate measure among the yantra, shastra, anushastra, kshara etc. , because of its ability to cure those disease also, which can’t be cured by bheshaja, shastra & ksharakarma. Agnikarma is the ultimate measure for the haemostatic among the four raktmoshanas measures.
Agnikarma: Silver or gold stick is made red hot and delicate burns are given on maximum painful area; it is also very effective in mole or warts removal.
Lepam : Application of medicated paste on localized diseased area.
Pichu : Cotton gauze soaked into medicated oil and placed over area having pain.
Padabhyangam (Foot massage) : Massage done on legs below knees with medicated oil to relieve fatigue, stress and strain, insomnia.
Mukhlepam: After face massage with medicated oil and scrub a herbal face pack is applied. Very effective in treating skin problems, gives radiance and glow to facial skin reduces wrinkles.
Dhupan: Diseased part is exposed to smoke of medicinal plants effective in local pain, swelling, varicose veins.
Dhumpan: Medicated smoking is effective in kapha disorders, done after Vamana and nasya treatment.


- Sequence of enemas and panchakarma procedures are done to give complete relief from all kinds of joint pain.
- Specially designed regimen of panchakarma procedures and unique massages help to get rid of spinal disorders like slip disc, degenerative changes in vertebrae.
- Thoroughly designed panchakarma regimen and special massages focused to digest unnecessary fat in body give assured results in weight reduction.
- Ayurveda advocates seasonal panchakarma procedures to cleanse body and rejuvenate it. This treatment package is focused on eliminating toxins and revitalizing body.
- Thoroughly coined program which helps to ease off the mental stress and physical strain of patient, accumulated through day to day activities.
- Highly effective panchakarma procedures and specially formulated medications are given to get rid of all kind of gynecological disorders.
- Various chronic and old skin diseases are successfully treated with panchakarma at Ayurtej; apart from just treating those, our treatments enhance the complexion and glow of skin.
- Panchakarma has proven results in male and female infertility, after detailed investigations proper panchakarma therapy is advised.
- This package aims at wellness and healing of those who are tuned to sedentary lifestyle as a part of their jobs like computer professionals. The hazards of such a lifestyle include painful and stiff joints especially neck and lower back. Along with treatments to improve the functions of joints, the package helps to relieve stress and strain; thus provides wholesome wellness of both mind and body.

1. What are the benefits of doing Panchkarma?
Ans : Panchakarma are body purifying procedures, these are highly effective and eliminate root cause of the disease, Ayurveda has recommended these for maintaining good health also.
2. What is Panchkarma treatment cost?
Ans : It varies accordingly what panchakarma is recommended to you by physician.
3. Is Panchakarma effective for diabetic Patient (specific disease)?
Ans : Yes, panchakarma can be done along with modern medicines to reduce the complications of diabetes.
4. What is the right time to do Panchakarma?
Ans : Ayurveda has advocated seasonal regimens of panchakarma treatments your physician will choose right one for you.
5. Is it really beneficial to do Panchakarma once in a year?
Ans: Definitely, because it improves overall health of an individual, eliminates all toxins from body and maintains good health.
6. Which different physical disorders require Panchakarma?
Ans: Panchakarma can be done in various diseases, like joint pain, paralysis, skin diseases, spinal disorders etc.
7. For how much duration their effects remain?
Ans: Generally benefits of panchakarma last for longer duration though it is recommended to do panchakarma at least once a year.
8. Can I maintain fitness with the help of Panchakarma?
Ans: Yes. Panchakarma not only helps in maintaining physical fitness but mental fitness also
9. Ayurvedic medicines take much more time for recovery, then still why should I prefer it compare to Allopathic medicines?
Ans: This is famous myth about Ayurvedic treatments that they take time to give results. Panchakarma treatments have potential to give immediate results and more importantly they have no side effects.
10. Currently my family doctor has advised me Allopathic medicines and I am taking the same. With that can I take Ayurvedic medicines also?
Ans : Yes. You can have both medicine at a time.