Sanit all toilet cleaner is having an extra thick property, which easily spreads at every curve area of toilet bowl. Compare to normal cleanser, it is not runny. It gives you ultimate sparkling cleaning effect. It removes toughest stains easily by keeping freshness everlasting.

  • Optimum Viscosity (Extra Thick)
  • Removes the tough stains and perfectly cleans the bowl
  • Small quantity is effective to clean and maintain hygiene
  • Requires less of efforts to clean…A perfect Germ Killer.
  • Perfect balance of Acid Value, Viscosity and pH.
  • Ultimate deodorizer

1. What is a Sanitall ?
It a premium Toilet cleaner from Pitambari product.
2. How to use ?
Pour sanitall under rim of toilet bowl .It will spread slowly all over surface. Keep it for 20min..Brush for heavy stain and flush to get sparkling clean and fresh toilet.
3. How sanitall works?
It’s acidic formula react on heavy stains to remove them and make toilet clean. Its germ killing factor kills all harmful microbes to give hygienic cleaning.
4.Why extra thick ?
It is observed that if toilet cleaner have low viscosity it will run so fast that it get very less reaction time to act on stain. And if it too thick then it do not get spread on surface. so considering this Pitambari make Toilet cleaner which is perfect in viscosity and give absolute clean, hygienic toilet cleaning.
5.Features of SANITALL?
i) Highly active compare to market sample.
ii) Optimum Viscosity
iii) Germ Killer
iv) Stain remover
v) Ultimate deodorizer.
6. How many times in a week have to use?
Depend on use and stains of toilet bowl. For heavy use and stains use 2-3 times /week.
7.What is a benefit?
In 20 min it gives sparkling clean and hygienic toilet. Do not gives fumes like acid. Kills all harmful bacteria. It is a ultimate deodorizer.