• Pitambari’s innovative product which is specially formulated “Rooperi Silver shine” is the safest option for polishing silver at home. Especially if you are dealing with an antique piece that has intricate design embossed or etched into it.
• Silver is a versatile metal & its soft luster adds a touch of elegance to jewelry, pooja utensils or other silver materials. Unfortunately silver is also a pretty fragile compared to many more commonly used metals & it can quickly develop tarnish stains or scratches.
• To prevent damage of those silver ornaments or other materials, we often give them to specific shops for cleansing purpose or use any other house hold method to clean them. Tarnish is a thin layer of corrosion that naturally develops on the outermost layer of silver & other metals. When you see the dark tinge of tarnish on your silver, hand washing may not be sufficient to remove it.
• Now add shine to your silverware at home
• Cleanses and shines silver without damage and loss in weight
• Free from any ingredients obtained from animal body
• Absolutely easy to use
• Keep away from reach of children
How to use
• Take few drops of Rooperi on cotton or piece of cloth
• Wipe it gently on silver article (Peculiar smell indicates that the article is being cleaned properly)
• Wash the article with soap water and wipe it dry
• Have the silver article shined
Available in: 50ml and 100ml bottle.

1. What is ROOPERI used for?
Rooperi is a QUALITY product for bringing instant shine to silver idols of gods, pooja implements, silver ornaments, and silverwares articles.
2. How to use ROOPERI?
In the liquid form Rooperi is very easy and convenient to use. Place a couple of drops of Rooperi on a cotton swab or a clean soft cotton cloth. Then move this gently on the surface of any silver article which needs a shine. After all the areas of the silverware are completed in this way, clean the silverware in soap water and dry the same. The shine will last longer.
3. Is there a loss of silver due to the use of ROOPERI?
Rooperi has been fully tested in our Research department and the ingredients of Rooperi do not contain any concentrated chemicals. In fact the ingredients are in a very dilute format and totally safe for Silver. There is no loss of silver in the use of Rooperi.
4. Can Rooperi be used for cleaning implements for Pooja?
Rooperi does not contain any ingredients based on animals and hence you can safely and surely use Rooperi for cleaning Pooja implements.
5. Is Rooperi safe for hands while using?
Rooperi is a quality product fully tested in our laboratories. It does not have any concentrated chemicals and the ingredients are fully balanced so as to make Rooperi totally safe for your hands.
6. Why the silver gets blackened with time?
Due to the moisture in the air the silver comes in contact with the oxygen from the air and oxidation results. This silver oxide is blackish and forms a layer on the surface of the silverware. If the silverware is not cleaned for shine by Rooperi for a long time the silver oxide layers form on the silver and silver looks black.
7. Why should we use silverwares for Pooja?
Silver has a pleasing silver and white tinge and this metal has the powers to absorb positive energies to the extent of 50 %. Due to this the cosmic waves get attracted to the Silver idols quickly and provide better benefits to the devotee. A sort of safety aura is created around the devotee and hence he can experience the ecstasy in Pooja and Peace.
8. What are the health benefits of Silver?
Silver is an excellent water purifier. The medicinal properties in Silver lead to purification of blood in the body and helps in excretion of poisonous substances out of the body. The use of silver helps in getting rid of the stomach ailments. Silver helps in increasing appetite. Silver brings a sheen and softness to the skin. Silver reduces Vata and is a BALYA providing energy. Silver helps in fighting TB and epilepsy. Regular use of silver is a treatment for Diabetes and various types of discharges. The gangrene which sometimes results in blackened skin during Diabetes can be avoided by use of silver.
9. In what sizes is Rooperi available?
Rooperi is available in 30 ml,50 ML,100 ML and 1 Liter packing. The cost of these is Rs. 25 and Rs. 325 respectively. Rooperi is available in all the States of India and all stores and malls.
10. Where one should not use Rooperi?
Rooperi should be used only for Silver utensils, pots, ornaments, idols, and pooja implements. Rooperi should never be used for any other metal utensils or similar articles. The bottle of Rooperi should be always KEPT AWAY from the children.