• Pitambari Dishwash Liquid is a blend of ionic and non ionic surfactants.
• It has a high active ingredients compare to other market sample.
• It is a blend of anionic and non ionic surfactants.
• Wetting agent and actives helps to penetrate and emulsify oily and greasy stains which cleans the utensils completely.
• Highly active for high performance.
• Very pleasant LIME fragrance.

What is Pitambari dishwash Liquid?
It is a dishwash liquid. While cooking/eating different stains get introduced on vessels. Some stains are light and some are heavy. Pitambari Liquid is a solution for all types of stains on utensils.
Can we use it for machine dish wash?
No it is specially design for manually dish washing process.
What type of vessels can clean with this ?
Apart from stainless steel can be use for expensive glass and ceramic crockery, coated pan need, glass special care.
Why P.DWL for expensive crockery also ?
It is been observed that due to abrasive material presence in powder and dish wash bars, the utensils may get scratches in daily routine cleaning process. Pitambari dish wash Liquid is for scratch free and stain free cleaning of all kitchen utensils.
How to use ?
For regular stains can be use in diluted form but for heavy greasy and oily stains use in concentrate form.
A dilution ratio depend on ?
It depends on type and intensity of stains, Material of vessels to be cleaned, Volume of vessels to be cleaned and Type of scrubber you are using.
What is normal dilution ratio ?
Dilute 1 spoon of Liquid to 50 ml of water for regular dish wash.
Which type of scrubbing material recommended ?
A sponge with scrub pad.
How PDWL works ?
It is a bend of anionic and non ionic surfactants .Wetting agent in it helps to penetrate in oily and greasy stains and remove it completely. As per our study It has a high active ingredients compare to other market sample.