Sumangal Janam Ghunti syrup-
    Sumangal Janam Ghunti is an Ayurvedic proprietary pediatric syrup for various types of health issues. Digestive Problems are very common in infants & growing children, Sumangal Janam ghunti useful in improving digestion & regulates bowel movements. Sumangal janam ghunti is all in one remedy for pediatric age group as it contains herbs which improve digestion (sunthi, Ajamoda, Balantshep, Musta etc), strengthen bone & muscules(Dikemal, Dink),enhance neurological growth (Vacha, Brahmi), induces sound sleep (Jaipal), Immunity enhancer (Guduchi).

1. What are the main indications of Sumangal Janam Ghunti syrup?
Sumangal Janam Ghunti syrup ` is indicated in all growing childrens age group from infant to 2years to improve digestion, protect from recurrent infection , improve weight gain , improve immunity , reduce irritation & induce sound sleep, promote milestone development. Sumangal Janam guti syrup is also useful to pacify the symptoms during teething.
2. What are the ingredients of Sumangal Janam Ghunti syrup?
Sumangal Janam Ghunti syrup contains Sunthi, Ajamoda, Murudsheng, Vacha, Vidang, Amalki, Haritaki, Bibhitaki, Musta, Aragvadha, Pippali, Balantshep, Dikemali, Dink, jaiphal, Guduchi, Brahmi, Yastimadhu, Kharjur, Honey.
3. What is the dose of Sumangal Janam Ghunti syrup?
From 1 to 3 months 2.5 ml two times a day with water.
From 3 to 2 years 5 ml two times a day with water.
4. What are the side effects of Sumangal Janam Ghunti syrup?
There are no side effects of the medicine.
5. How many days sumanjal janam guti syrup can give to childrens ?
Sumanjal Janamguti syrup is administered daily to childrens from 1 months to 2 years.
6. Where I will get this product?
Any medical shop, departmental shop, our Grahak kaksha at Pitambari office, Thane.