Pitambari Ayurkanthika Vati-
           In current scenario environmental conditions, Pollution, Diet leads to increased incidents of throat inflammation (pharyngitis) where sore throat & dry cough are common symptoms. Excess Dry cough may hampered your social & professional life ,sleep etc .
    For treatment of such condition in spite of oral tablets & syrup; chewable lozenges plays important role to relive symptoms & prevent their reoccurrence. Pitambari Ayurkanthika Vati is the 100 % herbal chewable lozenges for the throat diseases. It pacifies vata-kapha and useful in cough and cold. It reduces the stickiness of naso- pharyngeal secretion & easily remove from throat .
    Yastimadhu is sweet, demulcent, soothing & expectorant, so it improves the quality of voice and capacity of the vocal card of the singers, if sucked regularly. Khadir is known as Gayatri in Ayurveda i.e. if anyone consumes Khadir the voice of the person will be very pleasant. Pitambari Ayurkanthika contains Peppermint oil, Kapoor and Lavang that pacifies the sputum from upper respiratory tract & cures the throat congestion & dry cough. Madhu (Honey) is excellent soothing agent for inflamed throat and efficiently reduces sore throat, dry cough .

Available SKU : 70pills , 20pills

1. What are the main indications of Ayurkanthika Vati ?
Ayurkanthika Vati is indicated in all condition related to Throat which includes - Sore throat, Hoarseness of voice, dry Cough and cold, recurrent throat infection.
2. What are the ingredients of Ayurkanthika Vati?
Main ingredients of Ayrkanthika Vati are :- Yastimadhu Ghan, Khadir, Peppermint Oil, Karpoor, Ela, Lavang, Kankol, Javitri, IFF Flavor, Madhu.
3. What is the dose of Ayurkanthika Vati?
2 to 3 pills to be chewed for 5 to 6 times a day or as per directed by physician.
4. What are the side effects of Ayurkanthika Vati?
There are no side effects of the medicine. Being 100 sugar free it is safe in diabetic patients.
5. How many days it will require to cure the disease?
Minimum 2 days to 6 days as per depending on the severity of symptoms .
6. Where I will get this product?
Any medical shop, departmental shop, our Grahak kaksha at Pitambari office, Thane