Ruchiyana Chilly Powder-
    • Chilly is mostly used in its powdered form in day-to-day food as well as making various seasonings like Sauces, Chutneys & Pickles. Red chili powder is an indispensable ingredient in most Indian dishes.
    • In Pitambari, The dried chilies which are brought from farms are sun dried till they become crisp after which they are grinded in 3 step process into fine powder. Generally blends of dried red chilies Beydgi, Guntur and Teja are used; it is pulverized into a fine powder on the basis of the desired color and the pungency of the powder.
    • No artificial or any other colors are used. FSSAI standards are abided to attain quality and consistency in chili powder. Chili powder is superior in quality, intensively colored and is aromatic in nature and completely unadulterated; chili powder is free from mould, living or dead insects, rodent contamination.
    • Moisture content of chili powder is not more than 6%. It has moderate heat value due to which small quantity of chili powder gives perfect spiciness to dishes.

1. Why has chili powder appealing red color?
Chili Powder contains best quality of Byadgi Chili due to which it has appealing red color.
2. Is there any colour added to chili powder?
No artificial or any other color added in the chili powder.
3. What is heat value?
Heat value is a method of finding the heat of the chili which depends upon Capsaicin compound present in chilies.
4. What is shelf life of chili powder?
Chili powder is made hygienically safe conditions so it has 8 months shelf life.
5. How to preserve chili powder after opening packet?
After opening packet, it is stored in cool and dry place to maintain its spiciness and color.