Ruchiyana Jaggery Powder-
    In Ruchiyana Jaggery powder is superior quality product; it is made from concentrated sugarcane juice. It is very rich in many Nutrients, minerals and vitamins. The sugarcane used for Jaggery powder is cultivated by using natural pesticides with no use of hazardous chemicals. Also, natural and organic fertilizers are used to grow the sugarcane. It is produced from sugarcane variety of CO86032 which imparts perfect sweetness to jaggery powder. It is sulphur dioxide free powder hence safe for consumption. So Ruchiyana Jaggery Powder is alternative to our daily sweetener i.e. sugar which is produced by chemical process. Sugar is processed using sulphur which is hazardous to health. Ruchiyana Jaggery Powder is processed in state of art infrastructure situated at Talvade, Rajapur. We have well established analytical and instrumental lab where Ruchiyana Jaggery Powder is checked. It is passed through various quality control checks as per FSSAI and packed in hygienically conditions. It is processed with natural extract of Lady Finger with no added colour, preservative or artificial sweeteners.
    In rural Maharashtra, water and a piece of jaggery are given when someone arrives home after working in the hot sun. The jaggery (gud) gives you the energy in form of glucose, refreshing you, and it can pump up the iron contents in your blood. This increases oxygen uptake in body, and relieves from tiredness in summer.

Features of Ruchiyana Jaggery Powder
• Naturally processed (No chemicals).
• Pure & Hygienic.
• No Added Preservatives .
• No added natural or artificial color, flavor.
• No added artificial sweetener.
• Natural Taste, Flavor & Aroma.

Benefits of Jaggery Powder
• It helps to relief tension take care of asthma as it has anti allergy properties.
• It is good for Dry Cough, Cough with Sputum, Indigestion, and Constipation too. Eating sugar, leads to obesity.
• Jaggery powder helps prevent and relieve constipation by stimulating bowel movements. It activates the digestive enzymes like protease, amylase, and lipase in our body and thus helps in proper digestion of your food.
• It is also an excellent source of minerals like Iron, calcium, magnesium that plays a key role in nutrient supplement. Hence, adding jaggery powder to your food preparations or eating a small amount of jaggery powder can actually fulfill your daily requirement of iron. This in turn, lowers your chance of suffering from iron-deficiency anemia.
• Its richness in the vitamins and minerals makes it able to nourish the whole body especially skin. It provides skin smooth, healthy, hydrated and glowing look.

Uses of Jaggery Powder
Someone feels difficult to eat jaggery powder directly. So the milk can be made tastier by mixing jaggery powder with milk. There are many uses and benefits of jaggery powder.
1. For Asthma and bronchitis, make the laddoos of black sesame and jaggery powder.
2. For weakness, eat a tsp of jaggery powder twice a day.
3. For muscle strength, drink the milk by mixing jaggery powder with it.
4. For tiredness take a 3tsp of jaggery powder a day.
5. For menstrual disorders take a tsp of jaggery powder a day.