Strengthening the future today

We, the Pitambari believe in the philosophy that society plays a vital role in an individual as well as institutional development. So, everybody who belongs to the society must contribute for the betterment of it. With this thought, Pitambari contributes to the society under CSR activity by giving donations and providing sponsorships to various institutions for the events related to music, dance, sport, entrepreneurship, social cause & others.
Indian culture is comprised of 14 Vidya-s (wings of knowledge) & 64 Kala-s (Arts) which includes Fine Arts as well as Applied Arts. India owns a prosperous heritage of veteran artists allied with various arts. Pitambari respects these artists who persists the Indian cultural tradition. Therefore, we strive to ensure that the people or an institutions engaged through our CSR activity must get a genuine monitory backup for their progress.
In addition to this Pitambari has always supported various institutions and personals working in the field of Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development Programs.
Apart from the CSR activity, we also organize the promotional events for our in house products. We have received overwhelming response for the promotional events focusing our products like ‘Pancharas’, ‘Charu Facial Kit’, ‘Arishakti Rice Bran Oil’, etc. We, the Pitambari not only focus on the personal progress but also contribute for the social progress. Because we want to strengthen the future of the society based on the present!