Nachni Oats Malpoha


8 tablespoon Ragi flour (nachni pith)Untitled-3
4 tablespoon wheat flour
4 tablespoon coarse powder of Oats
1 pinch baking soda
Warm milk according to taste & mixture
1 teaspoon rice bran oil
4 table spoon grated coconut
1-2 pinch cardamom powder
Honey according to taste


Mix the oats coarse powder, wheat flour, baking soda and milk. The consistency of the mixture should neither be very thick nor thin. Also add cardamom powder. Take a small frying pan and spread 1 tablespoon Airshakti Rice bran oil, once the oil is heated spread the dough in fry pan. Make tortilla (malpoha).Fry it on a medium –high flame and fry it on both the sides. When the tortilla (malpoha) is ready, take it out in a plate and garnish it with grated coconut, honey and cardamom powder and serve hot.