Ayurveda Tips

Regimen for Month of July & August.


Ayurveda primarily aims at maintaining the health of a healthy individual. To achieve this Ayurveda recommends to follow different diet and lifestyle schedule in each season which helps to maintain the health.

Varsha ritu (Rainy season)according to Ayurveda falls in the Utarayan (northern solstice) and the general body strength of an individual is weak. One must follow a specific Diet and lifestyle schedule in rainy season as the chances of having digestive problems is great during this season.

.Diet :
Water available in the reservoirs during monsoon is comparatively heavy to digest and the metabolism is sluggish during this period. An individual is likely to experience loss of appetite. Keeping this in mind one needs to make following changes in his diet:

  1. Consume light and fresh foods prepared from barley, rice and wheat.
  2. Include cow’s ghee, lean meat, lentils, green gram, rice and wheat in daily diet.
  3. Consume small piece of ginger with rock salt before every meal.
  4. Take Sour and salted soups of vegetables.Onion, lean meat and vegetables may also be used in soups.
  5. If the days are cooler due to heavy rains, take a diet that is sour, salty and oily.
  6. Drink boiled and cooled water mixed with little honey.
  7. Add ginger and green gram in your daily diet.
  8. Eat warm food and avoid eating uncooked foods and salads.
  9. Avoid drinking excess of fluids at this further slows down the metabolism.
  10. Rain water or water from  deep wells, well boiled should be used for drinking.
  11. Avoid consuming stale food.
  12. Avoid leafy vegetables during monsoon.
  13. Avoid curds, red meat and any foodstuff, which takes longer time to digest. One may have buttermilk instead of curds.
  14. Bhavaprakash states that consuming ‘haritaki (terminalia chebula) with rock salt in monsoon season is beneficial to health.


  1. Avoid sleep in day time as it decreases digestive power & metabolism result in to formation of “Ama”(Incomplete) digested by products.
  2. Person should not  move about on foot (move only on vehicles).
  3. Should use perfumes.
  4. Expose clothes to fragrant fumes.
  5. Dwell in upper storey of the house, devoid of heat, cold and snow.


Hindu calendar Seasons



Rutu lakshan



Chaitra + Vaishakh




Jyeshtha + Ashadh




Shravan+ Bhadrapad

Rainy season



Ashwin + Kartik




Margashirsh + Paush




Magh + Falgun

Dry winter


In rainy season, the agni (digestive activity) is weak. It is already debilitated by summer, it undergoes further decrease and gets  vitiated by the doshas. The doshas get aggravated by the effect of thick clouds full of water, cold wind having snow, dirty water because of rain, warmth of the earth and sourness.

The poor strength  of digestive  activity the doshas start vitiating one another and cause many diseases.

Hence all general measures to mitigate imbalanced doshas and to improve digestive activity should be adopted.the food and lifestyle should thus be such which helps in balancing vata and pita.

Panchakarma Treatment for Month
Panchakarma in Varsha Ritu:

– Abhyangam (oil massage) should be done every day in this season it rejuvenate skin, removes dryness, revitalizes muscles, built strength in body ,alleviates vata diseases.

– Asthapana basti (decoction enema therapy).is advised in this season as to Pacify vata dosha in pakwashaya.