Ayurveda Tips

Regimen for Month of May & June.

Grishma Rutu:

May and June month corresponds with Grishma rutu according to Ayurveda, Sun rays become very intense in this season making climate quite hot. This leads to evaporation of water content from environment as well as human body.

This leads to increased vata Dosha in body.

.Diet :

  1. In this season it is advised that one should take sweet, cool and unctuous food items, syrups made from sugar and sattu (barley flour) should be taken. It is advised to take milk, ghee (clarified butter) and rice.
  2. Vatavruddhikar Diet like beans, mutter, brinjal, should be avoided. It is advised to avoid salty, sour and hot food items.
  3. Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited in this season.


  1. Day time should be spent in cool environment or rooms, it is advised to sleep in moonlight and one should apply cool paste of chandan like herbs over a body.
  2. It is advised to spend time in tree shade during day time. Complete celibacy should be maintained.
  3. Over exercise should be avoided.
  4. This is only rutu in which short daytime nap is advised.


Hindu calendar Seasons



Rutu lakshan



Chaitra + Vaishakh




Jyeshtha + Ashadh




Shravan+ Bhadrapad

Rainy season



Ashwin + Kartik




Margashirsh + Paush




Magh + Falgun

Dry winter


Changes in the season create big changes in body. Extremes in temperature & humidity can really stress the body’s mechanism. With this in mind, we can maximize our personal “home remedies” of primary elimination systems at these peak times of year. In the spring, the body is focused on cleansing the linear system, which includes the blood and intestines. In the fall the body is focused on flushing the kidneys & the whole genitor-urinary system & cleansing the blood.

Seasons & Doshas!

The Tridosha Theory in Ayurveda classifies all living beings into three main categories. The diagnosis & treatment of any ailment is based on this theory. All Plants are medicinal.

Vatta Dosha accumulates during the day or dehydrating heat of the summer. It becomes aggravated during the rainy season which causes weakened digestion, acidic atmospheric conditions & gas produced from the earth.

Pitta Dosha accumulates during the rainy season due to the acidic conditions of the atmosphere & a weakened digestion. It is aggravated during autumn when the heat returns. This occurs after the cooling spell of the rainy season.

Kapha Dosha accumulates during the cold season due to the cold and damp caused by the winds, clouds and rain. It gets aggravated during the spring when the warm weather liquefies the accumulating kapha.

Sharad Rutu is considered to be the breeding period for all diseases. Digestive system becomes weak & there is natural aggravation of Pitta & decrease of Vatta.

People suffer from heat related ailments. Digestive power is medium.


Panchakarma Treatment for Month
Panchakarma in Grishma Ritu:

– Abhyangam (oil massage) should be done every day in this season it rejuvenate skin, removes dryness, revitalizes muscles, built strength in body , alleviates vata diseases.

– Shirodhara is advised in this season as it calms and relaxes mind. It pacifies the body fatigue.

– Netra tarpanam can also be done it reduces dryness in eyes and strengthens eye sight.